ASSOS DYORA RS Winter Jacket

Size: M

ASSOS DYORA RS Winter Jacket

The ASSOS DYORA RS Winter Jacket is the most technical, low-volume womens winter softshell ASSOS has created to date. For the serious year-round rider and pro athlete, this winterproof second skin insulates, breathes and flexes with your body ...perfectly regulating your personal microclimate during multi-hour, high tempo training rides.

Temperature range guideline: -5C to +6C 
Utilize an ASSOS baselayer to adjust for conditions
Variables to consider: temperature, wind and precipitation, level of exercise activity and cold sensitivity. #equipmentnotclothing #sufferincomfort #theygoinsidewestayoutside

Striking the balance between low-bulk protection and breathability during the toughest winter conditions remains front and center for the ASSOS development team. Knowing the winter rider that puts out big efforts in frigid weather requires insulation and added breathability, the DYORA RS Winter Jacket is body-mapped with a series of new textiles and features that exhaust excess body heat and regulate core temperature in a variety of winter environments.

The front and upper back panels are made up of ASSOS 3L wind and waterproof SPHERE Light textile, with a second layer of fleecy OSMOS Light as the lining. The lower back panel is made using OSMOS Heavy, the most insulating of ASSOS brushed-back materials, while the upper sleeves utilize a warp-knit 3L ZigZaggy fabric that wraps you in plush, wind-blocking insulation.

On the front and upper back panels, a double-layer twinDeck fabric construction locks out the cold and creates a pocket of insulating air between the layers, while still remaining exceptionally breathable. To ensure you don’t overheat, Diffusor “valves” have been added at the shoulders, these act like a set of air vents that draw in air from the outside and inject it between the jacket’s layers of fabric. As an aero garment, it’s stripped to its essence with an aerodynamic raceFit that seamlessly integrates with other layers.

Color: blackSeries
Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL

Diffusor: An ASSOS-exclusive construction that creates dual “valves” on the fronts of the shoulders, drawing in cool air for added ventilation.
Double-Slider Zipper: Taped construction, with camlock and stabilizer tab at the top to facilitate one-handed operation. Adjust to the conditions, with the option to unzip from the bottom for added breathability.
Triple Ramp Pockets: Our storage design with three textile-lidded pockets optimally located for ease of access; color-coded and featuring a micro-perforated bonded tape for visibility.