Wilier Triestina Rave SL

Size | Color: L - Brown Sand Glossy
Build: Shimano GRX 1x12 / Wilier NDR38 alloy wheelset

When we let the unexpected happen...
The Rave SL is our second step towards a new horizon. An origin shared with the Rave SLR project. Race geometries come together in a single bike endowed with two souls: road and gravel. We have kept our vision intact. We have let every thought, every consideration flow. We have concentrated on the technical details with just one target in mind: putting the focus on cyclists who love to ride on any terrain with just one bike, without taking themselves too seriously.
The geometries and the design stem from the SLR platform and combine with a new material. The carbon fibre frame features a different lamination solution where the ingredient may change but not the form. Considering the same frame size, the Rave SL weighs just 140 g more than the highly decorated Rave SLR.
Scalable technology combined with the skillful crafting of the carbon fibre reproduces Wilier's SL philosophy, becoming the common denominator between the Rave SL, the Filante SL and the 0 SL.

From dirt road to asphalt: ready for every adventure
The Rave SL is an all-purpose bike that does not shy away from competing. Road or gravel, it doesn't matter. The tyre clearances make it possible to fit tyres with a max section of 42 mm (700x42c).

Smart integration
No visible cables. The aluminium alloy vertical tube and aero handlebar fully maintain the flair of the Rave product range. A technical choice that makes it possible to contain the price without compromising the performance and the possibility to easily personalise the setup.

To souls in every colour
The Rave SL echoes the racing geometries of its big sister, the SLR. Six available frame sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. The two available colours have been conceived to reflect both the road and gravel setups, with sandy tones reminiscent of off-road riding.

SL philosophy
In addition to expanding the product range, the intention of each SL series bike is to provide the best quality/price/performance ratio. The use of technologies and setups that are less extreme aims to preserve the overall quality of each product. Did we succeed? You be the judge.

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