Color: Black
Size: 42


SIDI 2024 Collection
Note: If your size/color is not showing available to purchase please contact La Bicicletta Toronto for updated information/assistance. 

SIDI Dust are absolutely great shoes for all your off-road adventure rides! SIDI Dust are new high-quality gravel/MTB shoes from SIDI for those that demand the utmost from their equipment during challenging off-road bike rides.

These SIDI cycling shoes have multiple adjustment options, guaranteeing comfort. SIDI attention to detail and finish in conjunction with a carbon reinforced sole provide an ideal combination between stiffness and comfort! Outstanding construction details offer optimal grip and safety during gravel and off-road cycling.

• TECNO-3 SYSTEM provides easy on-off and dials in a customized fit 
• MTB SR17 SOLE a performance carbon-nylon re-inforced sole optimized for endurance comfort. 
• INTEGRATED HEEL CUP lightweight design, stabilizes and supports heel
• RUBBER TOE section to resist and deflect debris impacts 

SIDI Size Guideline:
Euro 38= US/CAN 5-5.5 Men | US/CAN 5.5-6 Women
Euro 39= US/CAN 6-6.5 Men | US/CAN 6.5-7 Women
Euro 40= US/CAN 6.5-7 Men | US/CAN 7-7.5 Women
Euro 41= US/CAN 7.5-8 Men | US/CAN 7.5-8 Women
Euro 42= US/CAN 8-8.5 Men | US/CAN 8.5-9 Women
Euro 43= US/CAN 9-9.5 Men | US/CAN 9.5-10 Women
Euro 44= US/CAN 9.5-10 Men | US/CAN 10-10.5 Women
Euro 45= US/CAN 10.5-11 Men | US/CAN 11-11.5 Women
Euro 46= US/CAN 11-11.5 Men | US/CAN 11.5-12 Women
Euro 47= US/CAN 12-12.5 Men | US/CAN 12.5-13 Women

MTB SR17 SOLE: A lightweight, performance carbon-nylon re-inforced sole with PU (polyurethane) inserts. The shape of the sole tread has been specifically designed for off-road riding, it allows a good grip, facilitates mud dispersion and provides the right stability. The central insert with the SIDI logo works as non-slip and it is practical and useful especially to the less experienced users. The toe area that is more subject to wear, especially when walking, can be replaced and offers the option to mount crampons to improve traction on particularly muddy terrain. SR17 represents a balanced result of endurance comfort and performance stiffness for pedaling. 

RUBBER TOE: Upper part of the toe section is rubberized to resist and deflect impacts from stones or debris when cycling. Manufactured with anti-slip rubber.

TECNO-3 SYSTEM dials in fit along the entire length of the shoe, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit. SIDI’s famously reliable and replaceable closures are improved by an all new proprietary SIDI Wire material that is completely non-binding for intuitive and effortless on-the fly adjustments.

INTEGRATED HEEL CUP: The heel cup is integrated, with new design and light weight, reinforced to avoid distortion during prolonged efforts and pressures.
Anatomically shaped, it stabilizes the foot while pedaling. The reflex inserts on the heel provide greater safety on the road, helping to signal the presence of the cyclist in conditions of poor visibility.