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PRO Stealth Team Saddle

Size: 142mm

The PRO Stealth Team Saddle is a short-length, high performance, road saddle; designed to help riders hold and maintain an aggressive, forward, position.

Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Stealth Team Saddle is intended for competitive road cyclists who maintain an aggressive, aerodynamic, position on the bike. A carbon reinforced polymer base, set upon carbon rails and covered by lightweight EVA padding, topped by a smooth PU cover produces a lightweight and stiff high-performance saddle; available in 142- and 152-millimetre-wide versions. Its wide, stub, nose and a broad anatomic fit recess, with its iconic triple bridge design, ensure that flexible riders can tilt from the pelvis into a deep, pursuit style, position. While ensuring that they do not experience discomfort from any impingements on blood vessels or nerves running though the perineal region.

• Designed to facilitate an aggressive, aerodynamic, position on the bike
• Smooth PU Cover
• Compatible with PRO saddle accessories
• Broad anatomic fit recess
• Short length, wide nose design
• Road saddle for flexible riders
• Base: carbon reinforced polymer
• Widths: 142mm and 152mm
• Padding: Lightweight EVA
• Rails: Carbon
• Weight: 161g