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Muc-Off Hydro Dynamic Classics Lube

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Muc-Off Hydro Dynamic Classics Lube

Harsh Conditions Lube
Developed specifically for the harsh weather faced in the European Classics, we took our Hydrodynamic formula and increased the viscosity to cope with anything these grueling races could throw at the chain. Each handmade batch takes hours of painstaking work, resulting in a highly advanced bicycle chain lube that reaches previously unattainable levels of lubrication and protection.

Directions for use: For the first time user, fully degrease and dry chain. Shake tub vigorously and after using a traditional lube (ideally our Hydrodynamic Chain Lube for perfect compatibility) use the brush to lightly coat the entire chain. Avoid contact with brakes. Store in a cool dry place. - To check that you have applied this lube to perform at its optimum, shine a UV torch at each link to check for coverage between the roller and side plates to ensure maximum hydrodynamic efficiency. Also useful to check the lube is not on braking surfaces before riding.

Ultra efficient low friction
Provides the ultimate performance in the most brutal conditions
Synthetic polymers for long distance performance
Incredible durability