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Rapha Brevet Hoodie

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Rapha Brevet Hoodie

The RAPHA Brevet collection consists of durable, comfortable and reflective garments that have been tried and tested at the toughest endurance events in the world. The Brevet Hoodie combines this long-distance heritage and the signature double stripe with the comfort and style of Rapha's Logo collection.

Made with a heavyweight organic cotton, the hoodie is the ideal companion before and after your ride, or when planning the next long-distance adventure. Soft, ribbed cuffs and reflective hood drawstrings keep the warmth in while the large front pocket is a comfort for cold hands. Relaxed fit.

*Spacious hood with a reflective drawstring
*Relaxed tailoring
*Signature Brevet stripes
*Ribbed hem and cuffs
*Embroidered eyelets
*100% organic cotton