ASSOS MILLE GTO Winter Bib Tights C2

Colour: blackSeries
Size: M

ASSOS MILLE GTO Winter Bib Tights C2

Quick info: 21mm insert MILLE GTO C2
ASSOS CLIMACODE 3.3 WINTER - color code blue

The ASSOS MILLE GTO Winter Bib Tights utilize ASSOS plush MILLE GTO C2 21mm insert, low-volume, high thermal insulation and targeted protection combine to create the definitive regularfit Winter bib tights for the harshest cold-weather conditions.

Temperature range guideline: -5C to +6C
Other variables to consider are:  wind and precipitation, level of exercise activity and cold sensitivity
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To engineer the first protection-oriented winter bib tights, ASSOS developed protective construction using a two-layer system that targets the hip panels. First, is the adaptation of the durable ripstop ASSOS dyneRope textile from the off-road equipment collection. Second is the re-engineering of the removable impactPads with a more flexible, breathable design. The result is built-in abrasion resistance, impact protection and frictionless ASSOS comfort that ensures you’re prepared for winter’s toughest environments. 

The main textile is ASSOS OSMOS Heavy, ensuring maximum insulation with a brushed skin-facing side. The blasenSchutz front panel is made with OSMOS Light and a second overlapping layer of perforated SPHERE Ultra Hole, where “micro holes” in a stretchy membrane-backed 2L softshell expel excess heat, while maintaining added protection from cold wind and road spray.

The GTO straps and leg panels are constructed using ASSOS rollBar and one-piece Butterfly panel for proven stability. Each of the leg panels features louvreTec construction, which conforms to the exact shape of your legs for a super comfortable custom compressive wrap.

Colors: blackSeries, Flamme d'or

zeroWaist: The smoothest transition possible between the body and fabric panel. More comfort with less pressure.
superFlat X-FRAME: A single section of elastic material—folded over on itself—forming a supportive X-frame that delivers limited vertical stretch in the rear.
waterBarrier: Our Geoprene outermost layer at the bottom of the leg that repels water and adheres to booties.
impactPad: New removable, flexible TPU hip pads that have a perforated surface to increase breathability and freedom of movement.
MILLE GTO c2 Insert: Constructed with our proven stitch-free goldenGate side panels and reversed seams throughout for frictionless comfort. The front section features our new sunDeck superlight—successor to our iconic kukuPenthouse—made using an ultrasoft foam-free textile to form a preshaped cup that both supports the male anatomy and promotes maximum ventilation. The insert introduces ASSOS twin21 System made of three separate layers: microShock: 11mm of lightweight foam creates the foundation of the insert, relying on its proven shock-absorbing composition. filterFoam: 10mm of lower-density matrix foam is sandwiched between the microShock and 3D waffle to fully absorb microvibrations. Open-cell structure exhausts excess moisture.
3D waffle: This patented next-to-skin, 3-layer perforated foam increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.