ASSOS T.rallyShorts_s7

Size: TIR

ASSOS T.rallyShorts_s7

March 2024: ASSOS end of production sale item.
Limited sizes/quantities available.

All ASSOS’ cycling expertise condensed into a premium all-road/MTB bib short. The T.rallyShorts_s7 provide superior off road performance and protection.

Over four decades of cycle apparel making experience brought to bear on an off-road specific bib short. Known in the road cycling world for producing premium clothing for dedicated riders, ASSOS didn’t simply aggregate existing knowledge, but also added a series of off road specific innovations. Among these is the light and flexible impactPad system. Providing confidence boosting protection without inhibiting movement, the pads themselves are made of viscoelastic polyurethane foam and fit smoothly inside of the shorts. Covering key areas in the event of a crash, their 8mm thick padding is perforated to increase breathability. Removable as your level of confidence dictates, when used without the impactPads the T.rallyShorts_s7 cycling shorts are indistinguishable from traditional alternatives. At the center of the T.rallyShorts_s7 is an off-road/MTB specific insert. These premium bib shorts offer the freedom of movement necessary for dynamic off-road riding, yet remain tailored enough to race in. Constructed from a custom-developed fabric to provide anatomical comfort and muscle supporting compression, the T.rallyShorts_s7 are more than tough enough for the rigors of off-road/MTB/gravel riding.

Any time you head away from the tarmac choose the T.rallyShorts_s7 cycling bib shorts. These padded shorts are ideally suited to summer riding. Adding kneeWarmers can extend their use into colder seasons. Applying ASSOS antibacterial, anti-friction Chamois Crème prior to riding in these shorts ensures optimal comfort on longer rides.

Color: blockBlack
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XLG, TIR

*Hip protection via removable impactPads
*S7 platform mountain bike specific insert
*KompressorFabric provides muscle support
*Robust yet comfortable material for off road riding
*RegularFit cut is agile but without excess fabric
*Composition: 55% PA, 45% EA