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Campagnolo Brake Pads

Version: Campagnolo BLACK version 2000-2018: BR-SR500

Campagnolo Brake Pads

Campagnolo replacement brake pads. Choose the compatible version for your brake calipers/wheelset.

Campagnolo Brake Pads: BLACK - This version for Campagnolo brake calipers and for aluminum wheels. Designed to provide optimum braking with aluminum rim brake surfaces. Sold as a set of 4 pads.
Campagnolo BLACK version 2000-2018: BR-SR500 
Campagnolo BLACK version pre2000: BR-RE600

Campagnolo Brake Pads: BLUE - Campagnolo PEO brake pads. The Campagnolo PEO Brake Pads are designed specifically for wheels treated with the black Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) rim treatment, such as on the Campagnolo Shamal Mille and Fulcrum Racing Nite wheelsets. The braking performance of the PEO treated rims is far superior to a normal rim but requires specific PEO brake pads. Campagnolo or Shimano versions. Sold as a set of 4 pads. 
Campagnolo BLUE version: BR-PEO5001
Shimano BLUE version: BR-PEO5001X

Campagnolo Brake Pads: RED - carbon wheels. Carbon rim specific pads, these are specially designed for performance with the carbon braking surface. Campagnolo or Shimano versions. Sold as a set of 4 pads. 
Campagnolo RED version: BR-BO500
Shimano RED version: BR-BO500X