The SIDI success story

The SIDI success story.

The new 2023 SIDI cycling shoes, the SIDI Shot 2 DZERO and SIDI MTB Tiger 2 DZERO combines the high performance, environmental design with the strong personality of SIDI's founder, Dino Signori. The brand name is derived from a reversal of the first two letters of his name. The graphic design on the DZERO shoe upper captures 60 plus years of activity through five of Dino's unique and characteristic expressions. ...made in Italy.

DINO SIGNORI'S 5 expressions

  • PORCA MATINA: It expresses wonder. It is used in situations that call for a WOW at any time of the day.

  • PROVA MO PROVA: Try, try again. Its meaning is that in order to succeed, sometimes you have to try and try again, basically try harder. Dino maintains this system and philosophy with his employees in SIDI.

  • TE DEVI FAR QUEL CHE TE SI BON DE FAR: Do what you are good at. Dino began SIDI as a craftsman - skills and knowledge honed over time and led him to create SIDI. SIDI has never wanted to diversify to other items because producing footwear is the specialized focus of the brand. This has become a business philosophy.

  • TE FIRMO NA CARTA CHE NO SE POL FAR: Put it in writing. It is a saying used when Dino is convinced of something and willing to sign a document/paper to prove it.

  • QUESTO ACIDO LATTICO SE MAGNA?: Is lactic acid good? This represents Dino's strong personality and his playful way of doing things. Familiar with athletic endeavors, when it comes to "lactic acid" Dino jokingly asks if it is something edible.

  • The La Bicicletta Toronto Team hope that you enjoyed the SIDI expressions/interpretations and we end with one of our own... piacere. :-) 

The La Bicicletta Toronto Team. #labiciclettatoronto