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May 2019.2 | #prettycoolbici

La Bicicletta has just redelivered this reconditioned unique Marinoni bike back to its owner. This bike had been well used for quite a number of years and was staring to show the wear and tear of time and all those rides! 

A couple of months for the rework and presto, basically a new bike from old and it's ready for adventures on the road again.

The frame was stripped and repainted exactly the same color scheme as the original. A very nice metallic purple with a silver fade through the seat tube and downtube areas. All the parts were cleaned and reconditioned or replaced by our Campagnolo technicians to function as new.

The owners favorite color is purple and appropriately she was wearing a matching purple jacket on for the occasion of the pick-up. We like it when people love their bikes so much and accordingly we lovingly rebuilt the bike to work as new. Think purple!

Contact La Bicicletta Toronto to create or as in this case, re-create a unique dream bike for you.

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