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March 2019.2 | #prettycoolbici

Ready to gravel grind? The owner of this REALLY nice build is definitely ready! 

This go anywhere BASSO Palta is class+ on the back roads, in fact anywhere... city, trail or dirt road. That's the beauty of this class of bikes. One bike for all conditions. The name “Palta” comes from an Italian local dialect word meaning mud, dirt or similar. Appropriate nomenclature.

Check the cockpit shot of the BASSO Palta: the Apidura Backcountry Top Tube Pack is ready to carry a supply of sustenance, night trail vision assistance with a Light & Motion Urban 1000 lumens headlight, a silver SpurCycle bell to clear the way and for a finishing touch the Supacaz Oil Slick stem cap. Supacaz BORA Team handlebar tape provides a very subtle match with the frame color. Frame color is Emerald Green.

The La Bicicletta water bottles are held by Supacaz Oil Slick water bottle cages. The water bottles are the last of the 2018 production batch but don't worry as special new 2019 versions are in production with delivery due soon. Watch for them. Like. Like.

Power is transmitted via LOOK X-track Race Carbon pedals.

Happy Trails! Happy Roads! Happy on the bike Anywhere!

Contact La Bicicletta Toronto to create a unique dream bike for you.

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