Introducing the all-new ASSOS S9 Collection

The all-new ASSOS S9 Collection. #fastgetsfaster #assosS9

TWO VERSIONS: Equipe RS and Equipe RSR

Equipe RS - Race Focused: Type.441 Moderately compressive warp knit developed for silky comfort, a second-skin fit and workhorse durability.
Equipe RSR - Pro Spec: Type.701kompressor Highly compressive, superlight woven with high elasticity results in frictionless comfort, slippery speed and a flawless fit.

Roche Maier, ASSOS Brand and Product Chief: “Our Equipe S9 Collection incorporate the knowledge and expertise gained through over 40 years of producing technically advanced cycling apparel. ASSOS research and development has created the perfect balance between lightweight and stability to provide total ASSOS comfort leaving the rider with nothing to focus on but the ride ahead.” 

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Where could ASSOS go from the S7 collection? This question unfolded on the road, at our textile lab and in the toughest races on the planet over the past six years. That compulsion to improve took us further, drove us to a new pattern—an entire system focused on race-tuned structure and support. 

After six years in development, the S9 generation of shorts is being introduced in 2019 by technical cycling apparel brand ASSOS of Switzerland. Built on an entirely new platform and following thousands of kilometers of rigorous testing not only from the in-house product testers but also riders at the highest level of the sport, S9 marks the future of race-tuned comfort.

The S9 generation employs A-Lock Engineering – a brand new bracing system comprising proprietary textiles and technologies working together to stabilize the shorts and secure the insert in place. Building upon everything learned through previous models, the S9 incorporates just two panels, with a primary “butterfly” panel fully wrapping the legs and converging in the rear to form the ergoBox structure.

The RS model places added focus on stability through the unique rollBar, which holds the insert in place as the rider’s weight transfers from left to right. For the racer who considers every extra gram, the RSR model eliminates the rollBar to cut a touch more weight, relying on its compression textile to do the added stabilizing.

The redesigned bib straps use calibrated stretch throughout the rear section, which form an A-frame in the back. It delivers vertical stretch for added stability, while the straps at the front are made of a more flexible material with an antibacterial carbon weave, to wick moisture and lay flat.

The insert has been developed through a single race mission and is an advancement on the Equipe EVO platform. To produce a streamlined, race-spec insert, superAir microShock foam has been used alongside a 3D waffle and kraterCooler system to increase airflow. The result? An insert that provides the total ASSOS comfort you’ve come to know and trust.

A-LOCK ENGINEERING: In the harshest racing environments, your shorts’ insert is only as good as the materials and patterning that support it. A-Lock Engineering is that framework. It’s our system of textiles and bracing technologies that stabilizes the shorts and secures everything in place.

rollBar: Our patented bib-strap bracing design secures the insert, ensuring it stays firmly planted while corning or pedaling out of the saddle.
ergoBox: A square pattern construction that effectively frames the insert in the back, boxing it in for added stability.
Carbon Xbib: A single section of elastic material—folded over on itself—forming a supportive A-frame with tuned vertical elasticity.
Butterfly Pattern: Single fabric panel on the lower back and legs delivers consistent, uniform hold and yields a lower overall weight.

Equipe RS Insert: Streamlined race platform insert in 3D Basalt (grey). 
+ kraterCooler > Ventilation holes increase airflow and cooling comfort.
+ superAir microShock foam > Shock-absorbing support via ultralight open cell foam.
+ 3D Waffle > Added breathability with proven three-layer composition.
+ Horizontal Stabilizer > Locks insert to outer textile with reinforced central stitch.
+ goldenGate > Promotes fluid, comfortable movement with stitch-free side panel construction.

NEW Equipe RS S9 version vrs OLD T.Equipe S7 style: