SKS Speedrocker Fender / Mudguard Review

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SKS Speedrocker Fender / Mudguard Review: Perfect for Gravel, CX Bikes with Disc Brakes

The growth of gravel, adventure and commuting cycling in recent years has produced a renaissance of sorts, fenders/mudguards are seeing increased use and popularity. However many new frames do not feature specific mounting points. Fortunately, a number of companies also produce quick-mount models. The SKS brand of Germany is a world leader in fender/mudguard products.

SKS SpeedRockers are designed for setup with disc brake type bikes only. The mounting system position makes it not possible to use these on bikes with cantilever or regular side-pull rim brakes. If you have that set-up there are other good options available such as the SKS Raceblade fenders. These are the best choice for road bikes with disc or rim brakes.

The Speedrocker mounting brackets (4 rear, 6 front) feature a rubberized insert that remains securely in place once fastened with two different strap systems. The rear fender is mounted to the seatstays (right above the dropouts and a few centimeters below the seat cluster) utilizing stretchable rubber straps. The front fender is two separate pieces – one mounting to the rear of the fork crown and the other on the front. These are held in place with velcro straps at each mount point. SKS also includes adhesive frame protection film sufficient to protect each mounting point.

SpeedRockers are lightweight, have an easy install/removal process, plus the flexibility to fit a wide range frame sizes/designs and tire widths (23-42mm).The La Bicicletta Team have used these on a number of our staff bikes with 40mm tires and found them perfect for coverage ...and comfort. On cold, wet days your bike and body will thank you for spending the extra couple of minutes to install these fenders/mudguards.

As always, HAVE A GOOD RIDE.