PETER COX: Cairo to Cape Town-Transforming Faces

Message from La Bicicletta: The La Bicicletta Team supports Peter Cox and his 12,000 km epic bike ride from the north of Africa to Cape Town, South Africa for this wonderful and worthwhile cause, Transforming Faces. The North-South Africa ride schedule is from January 17, 2019 to May 12, 2019. We hope that you too will help with a donation. Please read on.

Message from Peter Cox:
For over 30 years I have had the privilege of working at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario in one of the leading Intensive Care Units in the world. At the end of 2018, that chapter of my career is coming to a close.

In January 2019, I will embark on a life-long dream: cycling Africa from north to south; Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa, the country where I was born.  12,000 km | 11 countries | 100% pedal-powered
As you can guess, planning this adventure is putting a huge smile on my face! And along the way, I will be raising funds for children born with cleft lip and palate - a devastating and very visible condition impacting the lives of many children in Africa, and around the world.

Every dollar I raise will go towards Transforming Faces (TF), a charity that helps transform the lives of children born with cleft to ensure that they can lead happy, smiling lives. TF will invest 100% of every dollar I raise towards delivering life-changing care for children born with cleft. A private foundation has already committed to match all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $75,000. Together, our focus will be on providing essential services to kids and families in Ethiopia and Uganda. 

Cairo to Cape Town by Bike: Transforming Faces
In a short video, I discuss the bike ride and my motivations for raising funds to transform the lives of kids born with cleft lip and palate. I hope I can count on your support.
To see the video and donate please follow this link:  Peter Cox: Cairo to Cape Town by Bike

You can donate online or give Transforming Faces a call at (+1) 416-222-6581. For information on the Transforming Faces organization visit their website with this direct link: Transforming Faces

Follow the ride: To follow Pete Cox's North-South Africa ride progress check his daily blog which contains some very interesting photos and commentary. The ride schedule is from January 17, 2019 to May 12, 2019. Please go here to view: Peter Cox Epic Ride Blog

THE EPIC RIDE IS NOW COMPLETED!!! ...but you can still donate. Please do.