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CeramicSpeed Zipp Ceramic Wheel Bearings

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This is a complete ceramic bearings upgrade kit for Zipp 88/188 hubs from 2009 and after.

These bearings have a special coating on the raceways which reduces friction even more and increases lifetime. Includes CeramicSpeed bearings for front- and rear hub and cassette body. CeramicSpeed "blue" grease is supplied with the bearings.

CeramicSpeed coated bearings are made exactly like the standard CeramicSpeed bearings. The only difference is that after the balls and raceways have been matched the races are sent to a special coating center. Here, the steel gets a 2-3 microns thick coating of a material which is 75% harder than the hardened steel. An important feature is that the coating is still flexible and cannot crackle. Also note that it is applied to the entire raceway and not only the outside of the raceways like some brands do. This special coating will not only reduce friction, but will at the same time resist water, salt, dirt and any other contamination better than any bearing in the market.