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Vittoria Cross Evo Tubulars

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Vittoria Cross Evo Tubulars 

- Cross EVO XG is a top-tier cyclocross tubular that offers a supple and silky ride due to Vittoria's 290 TPI casing. The Cross EVO XG features a self-cleaning tread pattern that results in maximum traction and control in muddy or sloppy conditions. Available in size 700x34

- Cross EVO XN when cyclocross competitions are on hard, smooth surfaces, the XN is in a class of its own. Dot C.O.M. Vector design diamond pattern with carefully studied diamond height and shape for top performance. Hybrid Cotton K 220 TPI casing (cotton thread and Kevlar). Excellent comfort, great strength. Available in size 700x32

- Cross XL Muddy courses aren't a concern with Vittoria's Cross XL. With an aggressive tread designed to race in the mud and much the Cross XL is a top-tier choice for 'cross season. 320 TPI Corespun cotton casing. Available in size 700x31