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Veloflex Service Course Tubular

Colour: Black Sidewall
Size: 25mm

Veloflex Service Course Tubular

New Veloflex race tubular is a 25mm wide and weigh nearly as little as a 23mm tubular tires: racing performance and an excellent road holding on any type of road and in all weather conditions. The name says it all: a product for racing or when performance is paramount.
The Service Course are not for everyone, only for those who are looking for the greatest performance and the highest comfort during the race.

Veloflex has been able to design these two new models and create a 25mm wide tubular, namely comfortable and as lightweight as a 23mm tubular, especially thanks to a 350 TPI casing (Thread Per Inch with only two layers) that allows to make lighter extremely flexible products

When the the new Service Course are held in your hand you will notice immediately the design of the tire tread, but you won’t be able to see the most important thing although you will undoubtedly realize as soon as you use them: Veloflex high-quality compound recently improved to provide extraordinary grip.

Servizio Corse side walls have the natural color of rubber, whereas if you prefer a more neutral color, Service Course is all black. both feature very low rolling resistance.