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Skratch Labs The Feed Zone Cookbook

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Skratch Labs The Feed Zone Cookbook

The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes. When Dr. Allen Lim left the lab to work with pro cyclists, he found a peloton weary of food. For years the sport's elite athletes had been under-performing on bland fare and processed bars and gels. Science held few easy answers for nutrition in the real world, where hungry athletes must buy ingredients; make meals; and enjoy eating before, during and after each workout, day after day.

So Lim set out to make eating delicious and practical. His journey began with his mom, took him inside the kitchens of the Tour de France, and delivered him to a dinner party where he met celebrated chef Biju Thomas.

Chef Biju and Dr. Lim vetted countless meals with the world's best endurance athletes in the most demanding test kitchens. Now, in The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes, Thomas and Lim share their energy-packed, wholesome recipes to make meals easy to prepare, delicious to eat, and better for performance.

The Feed Zone Cookbook provides 150 delicious recipes that even the busiest athletes can prepare in less time than it takes to warm up for a workout. With simple recipes requiring just a handful of ingredients, Biju and Lim show how easy it is for athletes to prepare their own food, whether at home or on the go.

The Feed Zone Cookbook strikes the perfect balance between science and practice so that athletes will change the way they think about food, replacing highly processed food substitutes with real, nourishing foods that will satisfy every athlete's cravings.

The Feed Zone Cookbook includes:
• 150 delicious recipes illustrated with full-color photographs
• Allen Lim’s take on the science and practice of food
• Portable whole foods, including Lim's famous rice cakes and more
• Dozens of quick-prep meals for before and after workouts
• Shortcuts, substitutions, and techniques to save time in the kitchen
• Gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives to favorite dishes

Hardcover with full-color photographs throughout. 6 1/2" x 8", 320 pages.

"Not only did Biju and Allen help salvage a disastrous start to my 2011 season and turn it into one of my best, they actually got me into the kitchen, cooking these recipes." — Levi Leipheimer, professional cyclist for Team RadioShack, from his foreword to The Feed Zone Cookbook

"The Feed Zone Cookbook is full of recipes from Allen and Biju that epitomize the athlete’s two greatest purposes in sitting down for a meal: to optimize performance and to maximize the pleasure that comes from eating." — Timmy Duggan, professional cyclist for the Liquigas-Cannondale Pro Cycling Team, from his foreword to The Feed Zone Cookbook

"Biju makes cooking high-quality, nourishing food easy. His recipes are mind-blowingly simply, but their flavors and quality are as high as a five-star restaurant. Biju will inspire you to want to cook." — Matthew Busche, professional cyclist for Team RadioShack and U.S. national road cycling champion

"Allen Lim has been an inspiration for the way I eat since I became a pro cyclist.…Chef Biju has shown me how simple it is to prepare good, quality food despite the hectic lifestyle of a pro athlete. Together they have found a way to simplify the art of eating right for athletes without gimmicks or hard-to-follow recipes." — Lucas Euser, professional cyclist for Team SpiderTech and member of the 2008 USA National Team

"Biju has spent the majority of his life preparing simple, yet highly nutritious food fit for the most demanding sport in the world....[The Feed Zone Cookbook requires] no fancy ingredients or expensive products; you don't even need a lot of time. Not only will you start to see huge improvements with your workouts on the bike, you'll even improve your mood all around. After all, you are what you eat." — Craig Lewis for NBC Sports

About the authors:
Biju Thomas is the chef behind the menus of many successful restaurants in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. He has worked closely with professional cyclists including Levi Leipheimer and Lance Armstrong to improve their eating habits for better performance. Biju is also a contributor to Map My Fitness, one of the largest social networks in the sports industry.

Allen Lim, PhD, over his career as a sports physiologist, has worked closely with the Team RadioShack and Team Garmin-Transitions professional cycling teams. He has helped develop innovative training and nutrition programs for top U.S. cyclists, including Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Christian Vande Velde, and David Zabriskie.