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TACX Neo Smart Bike

TACX Neo Smart Bike

Tacx NEO Bike Smart is a revolutionary smart indoor training bike that lets you train effectively and efficently. Quiet, powerful and accurate, it makes cycling indoors remarkably realistic and fun.

To simulate an outdoor ride indoors, dynamic inertia controls mass inertia and compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination to make your ride feel more realistic. Road feel feature works with Tacx software or the Zwift app to make the trainer simulate riding on different road surfaces, such as cobblestone and gravel.

Gear selection replicates the sensation of real world riding. When connected to an external power source, descent simulation accurately simulates a downhill route section. The NEO Bike Smart trainer measures/analyzes your pedaling technique and help you develop a more effective pedal stroke.

Keep track of your performance and progress with reliable, consistent measurements — no calibration needed. That includes power, speed and cadence, measured accurately within 1%. The well-balanced design of NEO Bike Smart ensures maximum stability, even during the most explosive sprints, up to 2,200 watts. Get the most out of your intense workouts by training on realistically simulated inclines up to a 25% gradient.

The combination of NEO smart technology and the internal design of NEO Bike Smart results in one of the most silent indoor bike trainers available. Make this bike your own by adjusting the pedal, saddle, handlebar, bar tape and crank lengths. It can be set-up according to the exact fit settings of your road or tri bike.

NEO Bike Smart communicates via BLUETOOTH® Smart technology and ANT+® FE-C protocol, so it works with a number of popular training apps such as TrainerRoad and Zwift. You can opt to use the trainer in stand-alone mode. When not connected, it will simulate a flat road; the faster you ride, the higher the resistance.

NEO Bike Smart features a 4.5” display and USB chargers to power up your devices. Built-in interactive fans are automatically controlled by your power and heart rate.

*Integrated display will show you measurement data (power, speed, cadence and heart rate) and gear ratio
*Handlebar and saddle are customizable to your fit parameters
*Crank arm length adjustable from 170mm to 175mm
*2 integrated interactive air fans on the handlebar. Airflow adjust with your speed, power or heart rate. Can also be set for constant airflow
*Measure your power accurately within an range of 1%
*Pedal stroke analysis with left and right data
*Road feel and downhill drive features makes it a more enjoyable and realistic training experience
*Compatible with ANT+ FEC and Bluetooth apps and software, including Zwift