ASSOS spiderBag

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ASSOS spiderBag

GTASSOS-Urban, Leisure, Travel and Cycling Wear-ANY SEASON-ANYWHERE-ANYTIME

Designed specifically for cycling, this low profile, lightweight and high-sitting backpack is forgotten once it’s on. With an internal tablet pocket, three external pockets, lightweight and breathable straps, and its low volume, this the subtle cycling backpack.

The ASSOS spiderBag is a low-profile, lightweight backpack designed to withstand the rigors of city cycling, while still offering all the storage that an urban cyclist might need. Engineered to sit high on your back, to avoid unnecessary pressure and discomfort, and with wide, comfort-oriented lightweight, breathable straps, this micro cycling backpack lies is so light and minimal that it feels barely there. With a central tablet pocket and three external pockets and reflective piping for visibility in low light.

● Micro backpack designed specifically for cycling. ● Integrated, zip tablet pocket. ● Lightweight, breathable straps. ● Three outer zip pockets. Dimensions: ● Height: approx. 7 cm ● Length: approx. 28.5 cm ● Width: approx. 19 cm