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Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini-pump

Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini-pump

TATTICO Bluetooth® embeds a Bluetooth® enabled pressure transducer inside of our award-winning TATTICO mini-pump, allowing you to live read large-scale, pressures accurate to 1% on your Apple or Android device any time, any place.

The discerning cyclist who requires accurate inflation pressure control even when completing a road or trailside tire repair.

Typical mini-pump gauges have issues of accuracy and size. The gauge can't be so big that it feels bulky in a jersey pocket nor can it be too small to read. Much like a high-end watch, the internal mechanism of an accurate pump gauge consists of a variety of small, precision parts with precise movements. Also similar to a watch, the internal components of a floor pump gauge are already very small in size. SILCA looked at creating a gauge small enough to mount on a mini-pump, they found that as the overall size of the gauge decreased, the internal mechanism needed to be simplified and therefore accuracy decreased rapidly.  This leaves traditional mini-pump gauges generally being barely more accurate than squeezing the tire with your fingers


    • Seamless connection to iGauge mobile app for clear, accurate pressure reading
    • 6061 Alloy barrel and gripping surfaces
    • High-efficiency piston design
    • Long extractable filler hose with locking presta/schrader chuck
    • Maximum pressure 120psi
    • 9-1/2" length
    • Includes direct-mount backed with retaining strap
    • Easily replaceable CR2032 battery