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Selle Italia SLR Superflow TM L

Fully focused on keeping you riding for as long as you want to, this performance-improving throne by Selle Italia features top saddle technology to let you rack up the miles with the utmost comfort.
Featuring a large central channel to save your perineum and other sensitive areas from the stresses and strains of day-long riding, this SLR TM seat works hard to have you riding at the top of your game on every journey. With a flat-profile and a Duro-Tek cover for easy movement from front to rear, finding your optimum spot is made simple, while the extra padding adds a layer of much-needed softness for your sit bones.

Manganese rails give a firm and sturdy hold to your seat post and keep the overall weight of the saddle to a minimum, resulting in a composed and reliable seat for any road ride.

Rail Material: Manganese
Cover: Duro-Tek
Padding: Extra Padding
Design: Superflow
Dimensions: S3: 131x275mm; L3: 145x275mm
Weight: 210g
Product Data
Rail Material: Magnesium