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Selle Italia NOVUS Boost Gravel Tech Superflow

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The Novus Boost is evolving to cater to the world of Gravel Bikes.
The Novus Boost Gravel Tech is part of the new range of saddles dedicated to the multi-faceted world of Gravel Bikes. Its compact shape and innovative rounded point facilitate complete adjustability, while the variable density double padding in light gel ensures comfortable seating even on long distances. Meanwhile, the classic Superflow cut-out guarantees minimum pressure on the perineum area. What makes the Novus Boost Gravel Tech different is the addition of the “Reflective Insert” in the rear of the saddle: a specific process makes every movement reflective and visible in low-visibility conditions and thus improves safety.

Weight: S 255 g - L 260 g
Rail: TI 316 Tube Ø7 mm
Dimensions Small: 135x255 mm, Dimensions Large: 145x255 mm