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RXBar Protein Bar

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RXBar Protein Bar

We tell you what's on the inside on the outside.

RXBAR believes in using real ingredients. Our bars are made from ingredients you might find in your kitchen or pantry.

A high quality complete protein. We remove the water from our egg whites and dry them into a powder. They are pasteurized and inspected by the USDA, as safe to consume.
Provides essential nutrients like fiber, potassium, and antioxidants to help you feel fuller longer. Dates have naturally occurring sugars which provide the sweetness in our foods. They also make an excellent binder.
Our foods include a variety of nuts and legumes: pecans, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, and almonds. The nuts and legumes we use are not raw, as they are heat treated as safe to consume.
Cacao beans are ground, liquified, and solidified to create unsweetened chocolate. Chocolate in our food does not contain any added ingredients (dairy, soy or sugar).

Oils, essences, and extracts from natural sources, like spices, fruits, or plants. The natural flavors used in our foods come from real ingredients that could be found in nature and do not include artificial preservatives, added colors, animal products, synthetic or GMO’s. We use the natural flavours for quality and consistency. When you open one of our foods, we want to make sure it tastes and smells the same every time, and natural flavours make that happen.