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Reid Harrier 2.0

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Take on the harshness of urban landscapes with no fuss on an updated Reid classic. The Harrier 2.0 is our premium low-maintenance, no-fuss, single-speed inspired by the needs of the city dweller.


Built for tackling the harshness of the urban landscape, the Harrier 2.0 bike is the perfect mix of reliability and eye-catching style. Fixed gear bikes are a great choice for anyone looking for a durable, low-maintenance ride.

The Harrier 2.0 delivers high-quality components that won’t need constant tune-ups, making it perfect for the non-technical cyclist. Single speeds are always ride-ready.

Smart, suave and safe, the Harrier 2.0 bike brings all these qualities to the table with an urban edge. Nimble and easy to handle, this bike is the perfect no-fuss partner.