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Rapha Velochef Books

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Rapha Velochef Books

Velochef in Europe
Henrik Orre spends his day job creating a nutritionally ideal diet for the riders of Team Sky. In his second book, he takes the reader away from the grand tours to visit some of the most cycling-friendly locations in the world - Mallorca, Nice, Girona, and Lombardy - creating recipes from locally-sourced produce as well as offering an insight to each area and the type of cycling you can expect. On his travels, Henrik also meets personalities from the sport, from professional riders to those who simply love cycling.
Along with 80 recipes, Velochef in Europe offers descriptions of the key cycling landmarks and climbs as well as interviews and incredible photography in a full-color, hardback publication. You will also discover tips on the essentials to take on your travels - both for the bike and the kitchen.

Velochef Food for Adventure
After years of preparing food for the world’s best cyclists, Henrik Orre, also known as Vélochef, takes a step back from the peloton in his third cookbook, Food For Adventure. Inspired by bikepacking trips in his native Norway, the book focuses on food that can be prepared on the fly during multi-day adventures. In fifty recipes, the book presents dishes composed for camp stoves and fires that can just as easily be cooked at home. As well as wonderfully simple recipes, there are tips on how to prepare for your next adventure and, vitally, how to brew the best coffee on the road.

Velochef Food for Training
A recipe book developed specifically for cyclists, by Team Sky chef Henrik Orre.
80 pre, during and post-ride recipes, beautifully presented.
Velochef is a brand new cookbook devised by Henrik Orre, chef to Team Sky, which presents 80 easy-to-make recipes for before, during and after your cycling adventures or races. Fuel for the ride, which is both healthy and delicious.
Former Head Chef at renowned Stockholm restaurants Mathias Dalgren and Matbaren, Orre now devotes his culinary expertise to his other great passion in life: cycling. Velochef is the culmination of several years cooking for the world’s best cyclists and is filled with tried-and-tested food optimal for performance and recovery.