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Pirelli Cinturato Gravel

Size: 40mm
Tread Type: Gravel H
Color: Black/Tan

Pirelli Cinturato Gravel

Whether you are approaching gravel riding for racing, bike packing or simply to extend your capability of getting away from busy paved roads, the PIRELLI Cinturato™ Gravel range is designed to provide you tires that roll faster, protect you from flats and allow you to ride safely in all weather conditions. Cinturato™ Gravel also adds the handling and comfort that make Pirelli famous all over the world.

The Cinturato™ Gravel range from Pirelli combines specific tread pattern designs and new compounds in order to satisfy the requirements of the off-road applications for gravel bicycles. The Cinturato™ Gravel includes combined technologies of terrain-driven tread pattern design range with the rolling efficiency and reliability of the super-reinforced Cinturato range.

Following terrain-specific design, the tread pattern is linked to the road surface consistency, Pirelli developed a compact tread design (Hard Terrain H) for paved or hard packed gravel/dirt roads and a more aggressive design (Mixed Terrain M), with more open spacing and higher knobs for more demanding loose surface terrains.

Size 700c: 40mm, 45mm

The Cinturato™ Gravel Mixed Terrain (M) range offers the right balance between aggressive and smooth riding to face any terrain of variable consistency. A tire that combines different features, with a spacing of the knobs and a design that is perfect for mixed conditions, like undergrowth and dirt roads, whether dry or wet.

The Cinturato™ Gravel Hard Terrain (H) range was specifically designed for compact, rocky terrain. When riding on these hard surfaces, it is important to have excellent feel when cornering at high speeds without sacrificing smoothness. The result is a packed design with a low tread, perfect for riding at high speeds with a great sense of safety on all compacted terrain, dry or wet.