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Pioneer DURA-ACE SBT-PM91 Power Meter Crankset

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Pioneer DURA-ACE SBT-PM91 Power Meter Crankset


DURA-ACE R9100 Dual Leg Power Meter Crankset ANT+ compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity with Cycle Computers and Smartphone Apps

  • Independent Left and Right Power Meters for Pedalling Balance measurement
  • Pedaling Monitor Force Vector and Efficiency Display when used with Pioneer SGX-CA600 Computer, Wahoo ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT Cycle Computers
  • Easy setup and maintenance with Cyclo-Sphere Control App

Superior Connectivity

Connect your Pioneer Power Meter via Bluetooth Low Energy to your smartphone and Pioneer’s Cyclo-Sphere Control App for Android or iPhone to make installation and setup a breeze. Manage everything from mode switching to the latest firmware updates easily and intuitively. Direct connection to your smart trainer is also possible via ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy.


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