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Pinarello Dogma F10 Disc Frameset

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Pinarello Dogma F10 Disc Frameset

Pinarello designs their top-of-the-line framesets based on the needs of their professional riders. As the pro peloton has been given the green light to use disc brakes for road races, the racers on Team Sky needed a bike that had all the handling traits of their Dogma F10 but with disc brakes. Thus the Dogma F10 Disc Frameset was born.

The F10’s ride is balanced, a defining characteristic that does not change with the F10 Disc version.

Sizes: 44cm, 46.5cm, 50cm, 51.5cm, 53cm, 54cm, 55cm, 56cm, 57.5cm, 59.5cm, 62cm

Colors: 915 Mars-Orange, 916 Black Lava, 917 BlackonBlack, 918 Red Magma, 920 Team Sky, 948 BlackonBlack

Note: New colors are released throughout the season, check with us for availability of specific colors or a special order paint scheme.

Contact us at La Bicicletta Toronto to discuss your options for a custom build with this frameset.

Pinarello Dogma F10/ F10 Disc has improved aerodynamics. Pinarello made sure the F10 was more aero with two water bottles sitting in the main triangle. Improving the airflow around the bottles was the most important key to reducing drag. You’ll notice that the fork crown still nestles in a notch between the down and head tubes. And if you take a look at the fork tips, you’ll see extended material behind the tips. These are “fork flaps” in Pinarello jargon, and they smooth out airflow on the trailing edge of the tips. Below the fork, the down tube dramatically changes shape just where the top of the down tube bottle rests. The new shape shields not only the down tube bottle, but the seat tube bottle if it’s run on the lower mounting point (there are three bosses in the seat tube, use the lower two for this aero advantage). The result of the shaping work is that the area around the bottles is 12.6% more aerodynamic. Less dramatic but still important is the shaping around the head tube and the underside of the top tube. These are designed to smooth flow as well.

Pinarello’s aero shaping as a second benefit, improved lateral stiffness. Traditional teardrop shapes are stiff in the direction of the teardrop, but flexy laterally. By making the shape wider, rounder, and shorter front-to-back, the shapes are much better at resisting pedaling-induced flex.

Pinarello is also known for their asymmetric designs, and this makes it easy for them to deal with the forces that rotor disc braking creates at the fork and chainstay. The results are subtle enough not to see in pictures, but are obvious to the eye in person. In terms of what you’ll feel on the ride, the answer is you won’t notice a difference, which means you won’t be able to tell that you’re on a disc-brake bike.

In terms of the discs, the mounting method is flat-mount for the fork, Pinarello’s RAD design for the chainstay. Hoses or cables run internally. 160mm rotors are recommended. The wheels attach via thru-axle, 100x12mm in front, 142x12mm in back, which is increasingly becoming standard.

Pinarello keeps the frame aero by running cables, housing, wiring internally. If you run Shimano’s latest Di2, your E-Link can be accessible through a port in the down tube above the bottle—no need for a mount under your stem. All the necessary stops and plugs are included. The battery, if you go electronic with Di2 or Campagnolo EPS, installs in the seatpost.

The included aero seatpost itself is 350mm long, with a 25mm setback. The clamp can work with oval or round rails—make sure to heed the torque rating marked on the post. The post is secured to the frame as aerodynamically as possible, with two bolts behind the seat tube, called Twin Force Closure.

The frameset comes with headset, top cap and spacers. There are round and aero options. In both cases, there’s a 15mm top cap, two 10mm spacers, and one 5mm spacer. The aero option is designed to work with Pinarello’s MoST stem and/or integrated bar/stem combo. The bottom bracket keeps to Pinarello’s preference, Italian-threaded. The frame is, as are all Pinarellos, UCI-approved.