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Picky Bars

Flavour: Cinnamon Roll'n

Picky Bars

Picky Bars founders had a problem with sports bars on the market, either they were PERFORMANCE BARS full of science with gnarly ingredients or REAL FOOD BARS not balanced for sport. So they started creating what couldn’t be found… a bar with GREAT TASTE and PERFORMANCE.

Picky Bars was born with the desire to break-away from the traditional energy bar and transition to something more nutritious and wholesome. The Picky Bars brand founders each had very specific needs that weren’t met by another bar on the market… They all loved the real food bars that were out there but felt that athletes needed a real food bar that also considered fueling for top performance. That's not to say that taste was sacrificed... these bars taste great. What's different about Picky Bars are the ingredients, as well as the 4:1 balance of carbs to protein in every bar. They're also packaged in convenient 200 calorie servings (per bar), which make building fueling strategies very easy.

Picky Bar chooses to use high quality ingredients. The bars are built with stuff you already know: agave, dates, blueberries, cinnamon, natural almond butter, sea salt, sunflower seeds and more... 

4:1 Carb to Protein Ratio | Ideal for replenishment of muscle glycogen
200 Calories = 7g Fat + 28g Carbs + 7g Protein
Dates | Great source of glycogen, potassium & anti-oxidants
Rice Protein | Ultimate source of clean protein and amino acids
Sea Salt | Essential electrolyte
All Natural Ingredients | Omega 3 / Pumpkin seeds...too many to list
Nutrient Dense ingredients | Promote human health and prevent disease
Gluten Free | GMO Free | Dairy Free | Soy Free | Vegan