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Light & Motion Vis 1000 Vis 180 Pro Power Combo

Light & Motion Vis 1000 Vis 180 Pro Power Combo

The Vis 1000 Power Combo provides extreme power for superior night and day safety. Easy USB recharge, quick mounting, and industry-leading performance and reliability.


*Huge output with 1000 lumen headlight and 150 lumen taillight.
*Both lights have powerful side lighting for maximum safety through intersections and high traffic areas.
*High-output SafePulse mode is ideal for daytime safety and is proven to enhance driver’s depth perception when approaching rider.
*Multiple power options (1.5 – 12 hrs. headlight, 6 – 12 hrs. taillight) conserve runtime to ensure lights can be used on extended rides.
*Quick and easy mounting, quick switch between bikes, and easy charging via micro USB cable.
*Industry-leading durability and reliability, and a 2-year warranty.

Vis 1000:
*Lumen Output (Vis 1000): 1000 (high), 500 (medium), 250 (low), 500 (SafePulse)
*Runtime (minutes) (Vis 1000): 90 (high), 180 (medium), 360 (low), 720 (SafePulse)
*Beam Angle: 20° (Spot)
*Charge Time: 270 min
*Fast Charge: No
*IP Rating (FL-1): 67
*Depth Rating (FL-1): 1 meter(s)
*Impact Resistance (FL-1): 1 meter
*Product Weight: 155 grams
*Product Dimensions: 1.2" x 1.2" x 4"
*Compatible Mounts: Bar, GoPro, Helmet

Vis 180 Pro
*Lumen Output: High Steady (150), High SafePulse (150), Low SafePulse (125)
*Runtime (minutes): 240 (steady), 360(high safepulse), 720 (low safepulse), 1920 (Paceline)
*Charge time: 300 Min
*Beam Angle: 180° (flood)
*IP Rating (FL-1): 65
*Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
*Fast Charge: False
*Product Dimensions: 3" x 1" x .9"