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La Bicicletta Toronto Merino Wool Jersey Short Sleeve

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La Bicicletta Toronto merino wool jersey from Giordana

Pre-order now. Deadline December 31st, 2019. SOLD OUT!

If you're in the local area, we have sample sizes in store.

Available Spring 2020 

For the modern rider who wants the latest performance features and benefits delivered in a more traditional material with a classic look. The entire jersey is constructed of polyester/Merino wool blend fabric which is soft against the skin, breathable, and keeps the body cool or warm depending on the temperature, as only natural wool fibers can. Made in Italy

Jersey features:

  • Polyester/merino wool blend
  • Soft, breathable and temperature regulating
  • UV protection
  • Relaxed fit

Rendered colours shown
Two sample images of a real jersey, heather finish on the colours.

La Bicicletta Jersey will be in a Steel Blue (rendered shown)

There is an example of a Navy jersey (Not Steel blue)