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ASSOS kneeWarmer_evo7

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ASSOS kneeWarmer_evo7

**ASSOS end of production sale item
New version of this item available: ASSOS Knee Warmer

A versatile accessory for fall and spring, these are essentials that no cyclist should be without.

These are a perfect go-to product, ideal for the start of your ride on those chilly mornings or for the whole of your ride during those cooler fall and spring days. Or keep them in your pocket to put on when you hit a descent. The all-new kneeWarmer_evo7 surprises both with its performance and its flexibility.

Used underneath our S7 summer short or with our T.tiburuShort_S7, these are at home in conditions ranging from a cool summer morning to a full fall or spring ride. ALS Tips: An ideal accessory for rides where either the weather forecast or terrain deems that it will get colder, or as an addition to your outfit for the whole ride, these are perfect when you want the added warmth of covered knees but don't need legs warmers or tights. A simple design that works. Using RX Light material our kneeWarmers are designed for optimal fit while giving you the best possible performance.

• Simple design: One pattern design for increased comfort

• RX light fabric: The elastic nature of this fabric means that you get the best fit possible. It is also extremely breathable to make sure that you will never get too hot.

• Asymmetrically cut: The outside of each leg (left and right specific) is cut a little higher. We have found that this improves the comfort of the knee warmer as well as its stability when you're riding.

• Left and right specific: We have added a label on each warmer to make sure you are easily able to get the optimal fit.

Key features:
• RX Light fabric
• Low-complexity design
• Anatomically cut rear of leg
• left and right leg specific

These new knee warmers bring a lot of flexibility to any outfit they are added too. Perfect for the Fall or Spring climaRange with the T.tiburuShort_s7, they are also great for those cooler summer moments.