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Giordana SilverLine Men's Bib Short

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Giordana SilverLine Men's Bib Short

Developed through decades of experience, the SilverLine Bib Short has been totally redesigned with a new woven and textured fabric that keeps the body cool while offering high compression and an all-new bib upper system.

Classic Comfort and Compression: SilverLine garments showcase performance and value as only decades of expertise in manufacturing cycling apparel can. The SilverLine bib short is the culmination of that experience. Utilizing a classic Giordana cut that has evolved over decades of refinement; the resulting fit is comfortable and non-restrictive, yet supportive with the perfect amount of compression.

Textured Woven Fabric: The shorts are constructed of a textured woven fabric which wraps the leg with two panels. This supports the quad and the glutes separately and provides compression to reduce muscle fatigue as well as a cooling effect. The core system stabilizes the short while accommodating the waist and hips for a comfortable fit that stays in place.

Bib Straps and Leg Cuffs: LoPro 0™ soft wide elastic-microfiber bib straps are seamless, comfortable and supportive and feature the 190 Mesh™ at the center of the bib uppers which moves moisture and keeps the body cool and dry. The leg cuffs are 4.5cm in width and are constructed of soft woven elastic, which stays in place while remaining soft and non-restrictive.

Rich Details: The short is richly finished with reflective striping at the back of each leg, Giordana logo, and the Cirro chamois.

Classic Giordana cut; comfortable, non-restrictive, with compression for support
Woven, textured fabric with cooling effects
Two-panel leg system for separate quad and glute support
Stabilizing core system
LoPro 0™ soft wide elastic-microfiber bib straps
190 Mesh™ for breathability at the center of the bib uppers
4.5cm non-restrictive leg cuffs of soft, woven elastic
Reflective striping at the back of both legs
Giordana logo
Cirro chamois