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First Endurance Ultragen

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First Endurance Ultragen

Ultragen is the most advanced recovery formulation ever developed. Ultragen's breakthrough technology is designed to work synergistically to provide the right nutrients to the right place at the right time during the 30-minute 'Window of Opportunity' following exercise so you can recover faster than ever before. Each serving of Ultragen delivers the levels of nutrients that have been shown in clinical research to maximize recovery and give you an extra edge over the competition.

Ultragen is designed to be absorbed quickly. For maximum recovery, mix Ultragen with water and consume immediately after exercise. Mixing Ultragen with anything besides water and/or consuming other foods during the first thirty minutes after exercise will slow down absorption. Thirty minutes after using Ultragen you should drink and/or eat something else.

• 15 servings per container
• Rapid and Complete Endurance Recovery Formula
• Refuels Exhausted Muscles and Restores Energy Levels Quickly
• Delivers Endurance-Specific Nutrients for Superior Recovery and Maximum Performance

Flavors: Cappuccino, Chocolate, Orange Creamsicle, Tropical Punch, Vanilla