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Enve SES 3.4 ARC Disc Wheelset - Sram XD-R

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Our most versatile rim depth, redrawn for high volume road tires. The SES 3.4 AR is the ultimate all-road wheel, with aero advantages over the competition for 27 – 32c rubber.

High volume tires roll faster, provide more traction, and absorb more bumps, giving you speed on tarmac with freedom to explore the backroads. The SES 3.4 AR’s width and shape is optimized for wide tires, pushing the limits of road riding and making every ride better. 

In 2016 we launched the SES 4.5 AR, a wheelset ahead of its time. Since then, road riders, frame manufacturers, and tire makes have all caught the high volume vision which has propelled the one of its kind 4.5 AR to be our most popular selling wheel in North America, where the high volume all road movement has gained the most traction. As more bikes are created that can accommodate tire clearances up to 32mm, we saw the need to create a more versatile, climber friendly SES AR wheelset and the SES 3.4 AR was born. 

• Intended Use: Road, All-Road
• Inner rim width: 25mm
• Recommended Tire Size: 27 – 32c
• Tubeless-only