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Endurance Tap Maple Syrup Energy Gel

Endurance Tap Maple Syrup Energy Gel

Endurance Tap is an easy to digest, super tasty, high-performance energy gel made with a few simple natural ingredients: Canadian maple syrup, sea salt, and ginger. With everything you need and nothing you don't.

Endurance Tap fits with your goals of both being fit and having a healthy diet. Provides 100 calories, 50mg of sodium, natural anti-oxidants and minerals and a dash of ginger to aid with digestion. Endurance Tap gives you all the energy and electrolytes you need without any ingredients that you can't pronounce. Also contains high levels of potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and manganese. Endurance Tap is a true Canadian performance enhancer.

100 calories 
50mg sodium 
Ginger = prevent stomach upset
Sea Salt = replacement of much-needed electrolytes
Syrup (not a thick gel) = goes down easy
Salted maple syrup = tastes great!
Allergens: none.
Ingredients: Canadian maple syrup, sea salt and ginger.

Size: 37g