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DZ Nuts Pro Chamois Cream

DZ Nuts Pro Chamois Cream

Nothing but the best for you. DZNUTS is scientifically formulated to make you ride like the wind, minimizing the effects of chafing and burning every time you ride. (4oz / 120ml tube)

Designed for pro cyclist Dave Zabriskie (DZ) by a pharmaceutical scientist to reduce and relieve chafing, irritation and protect fragile perineal skin from bacterial and fungal infections. Formulated for real and synthetic chamois.

Key Ingredients:
• Tea Tree Oil – powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
• Evodia – powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing from traditional Chinese herbal medicine.
• Masterwort (Peucedanum Ostruthium) – found in the Swiss Alps this herb was used by the ancient Greeks for wound healing and calming properties. Its name means "supreme strength"
Ingredient Philosophy: • Fair Trade Ingredients whenever possible.
• Organic Sources whenever possible.
• Fragrance Free
• Natural As Possible
• No Animal Byproducts