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DZ Nuts Bliss Chamois Cream

DZ Nuts Bliss Chamois Cream

DZ Nuts Bliss Chamois Cream is a women specific formula. This chamois cream is anti-bacterial with pre/probiotics complex that reduces the chance of infection and encourages beneficial skin flora growth. It is anti-inflammatory which decreases itching, prickling and discomfort. Bliss is wound-healing that strengthens natural biological skin defenses and promotes healing in previously damaged skin. The moisture absorbing polymers isolate excess moisture, protecting delicate skin against the chamois making it anti-chaffing. Bliss offers the same pro-level protection as DZ Nuts Pro chamois cream without the tingling sensation.

"I use Bliss pretty much all the time every day. From training rides that are 5 hours to the coffee shop that's a 20 minutes ride (...you sit around a long time) to even days off the bike." Coryn Rivera, Professional Cyclist

"Bliss is made for the physiology of a woman and it actually allows you to ride longer. You have better performance because you're a lot more comfortable". Kristin Armstrong, Professional Cyclist and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist