Campagnolo Record Brake Calipers

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Campagnolo Record Brake Calipers

Campagnolo® has designed two Record™ brake options. In its standard version Campagnolo® offers the classic front brake Dual Pívot and rear brake Mono Pívot design to provide maximum braking power modulation.

Skeleton geometry has made it possible to reduce weight without diminishing braking power while maintaining the same operating safety. The differentiated front and rear geometry ensures power and progressiveness.

The Regular version provides the front brake in Dual Pívot design and rear brake in Mono Pívot design to provide maximum braking power modulation. Front / rear differentiated braking: Lighter rear brake greater braking power modulation.

The Dual Pivot version provides Dual Pivot for both front and rear brake calipers. This is the option for those looking for all around maximum braking power. Dual Pivot front / rear version: The brakes provide an enhanced braking action.