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Basso Tera Urban

Color: Silver
Size: S
Width: SRAM Apex 1x11

The first mixed-material semi-suspension bike

Taking the best properties of not one, but two materials and constructing a better way to explore new horizons. Tera is the first mixed-material, semi-suspension, performance-oriented commuter solution on the market.

Speed, Handling, Reactivity
Comfort and Reliability…without compromise…no matter the terrain.

Ride, Perfected
Bringing a better riding experience reserved for a smaller audience to an infinitely larger group of riders.

The Geometry
Basso developed geometry studied to confer the perfect blend of snappy handling and acceleration and a comfortable position for the long haul.

Carbon construction
The carbon layup was studied to ensure an extremely reliable structure that is both vertically compliant yet laterally efficient and reactive.

Fixed pivot
Shape and layup were developed to ensure a more compliant, more forgiving ride while maintaining horizontal stiffness for responsive handling.

Integrated Cable Routing
The stem allows the integration of all cables routed under it for clean aesthetics and cable protection in any situation.