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Basso Diamante SV 2020 Frameset

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Basso Diamante SV 2020 Frameset

Designed for aerodynamic position lovers. Its tube shapes are able to cut through the air like blades. The rear turbulence is almost non-existing. What can you improve when you are already making a bike that everybody prizes for its lightness, super handling in extreme rides, fantastic downhill performance. We have improved the air penetration by designing new tube shapes, and reactivity by making a straight blade front fork. We have also applied the new system with double pivot brake fixing. And much more.

Diamante SV introduces the “3B-BASSO” (patented) clamp system. The seat clamping is totally masked and invisible on the frame. Not only nice to look at but also technically innovative. Getting way ahead of the usual clamp-ring/screw holding the seat post, or the extra bulking knot on the frame to house the seat screw; The 3B-BASSO (pat.) triple point fixing becomes a solid structure between seat-post and seat-tube. This system is slim, invisible and strong. In addition to all of this, the extra rubber gusset in connection with the 3B-BASSO (pat.) has an anti-vibration function that anyone can appreciate on rough surface roads.

Disc Models
Aerodynamics, acceleration, technology, and design are the DNA of Diamante SV. With the introduction of disk brakes, this model evolves maintaining the same style and performance that have been developed by Basso bikes in this AERO project. This is how Diamante SV DISC becomes the ultimate machine.

The great northern classics, the Paris-Roubaix, la Strade Bianche will be competitions that every rider will be able to handle knowing that the bike is fully reliable in any situation helping to keep focus only on the effort. Whatever rolls under your wheels this bike will be able to handle safely.

This frame is very unique thanks to the excellent care to detail: T1000 carbon fibers, at mount brake calipers, internal routing of both front and rear brakes, 160mm diameter rotors, 28mm tire clearance, and 12mm front and rear through axles. Handmade and painted in Italy.

Sizes: 45, 48, 51, 53, 56, 58, and 61

100% 3K Torayca High Modulus Carbon Fiber in T1000 and T800

Top Tube: 1 x 0° + 1 x 30° + 2 x 45°
Down tube: 1 x 0° + 1 x 30° + 2 x 45°
HT: 2 x 0° + 3 x 30° + 1 x 90°
ST: 1 x 0° + 1 x 30° + 1 x 45° + 1 x 90°
CS and ST: 2 x 0° + 2 x 30° + 1 x 45°

Contact us at La Bicicletta Toronto to discuss your options for a custom build with this frameset.