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Basic Bike Repair Workshop

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La Bicicletta Basic Bike Repair

Fix your bike! Come join our professional mechanic Alex for an evening of fun and learning. Register for one of the three available sessions;

  • Tuesday June 11, 7-9pm - (Completed)
  • Thursday June 20, 7-9pm - (Completed)
  • Tuesday July 9,  7-9pm

The workshop content is outlined below and it should run approximately 2 hours. Spaces will be limited! Sign up now!

Basic Bike Repair - Workshop Outline

  • 1. Bicycle Anatomy 101
    A. Parts of a bicycle
    B. Brief overview of function, with a focus on the drivetrain.
  • 2. Fix a flat tire-at home or on the roadside-important!
    A. How to determine what size tube/tire you need.
    B. How to remove wheel and fix flat
  • 3. Basic gear shifting adjustment-keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently
    A. derailleur limit screws.
    B. Derailleur hanger alignment
    C. Cable tension for perfect and precise shifting
    D. Chain care and wear
  • 4. Brake adjustment-stopping is as important as going!
    A. Brake pad wear
    B. How to adjust brakes with barrel adjuster and/or cable
    C. correct brake pad alignment.
  • 5. Time allocated for questions and other topics.