ASSOS XC Bib Shorts

Size: S

ASSOS XC Bib Shorts

January 2023: ASSOS end of production sale item
Limited sizes/quantities available. 

Off-road riders also need premium comfort solutions for dirt and gravel. Therefore ASSOS set about extending the premium, OFFROAD collection. The ASSOS R&D engineering team were tasked with the challenge of creating a breathable yet very durable bib short that has signature ASSOS performance. The result is these XC Bib Shorts, for which there are not enough superlatives. The torpedoGrey color is pretty cool too!

Employing the ripstop, high abrasion resistant and breathable dyneRope fabric (which is stronger than steel), these shorts have been put through their paces by the ASSOS sponsored world class riders. And with such stringent world class testers giving their approval, it’s clear that the pedigree of these shorts has already been confirmed. The result is a tough, lightweight and highly breathable pair of shorts that are perfect for the toughest XC off-road routes. 

No matter how hard you’re pushing while riding off-road, there’s always a need for superior ASSOS comfort in the saddle. The insert is placed a little further forward than its road counterpart, it is tuned for the steepest climbs and sickest flow trails with 10mm of memory foam. It’s time to hit the dirt.

Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG
Color: torpedoGrey

OFFROAD insert: Coming with an increased 10 mm of memory foam compared to its road counterpart, this insert is nestled at the intersection between comfort and performance. Central to the fit is the patented elastic insert interface, which was invented by ASSOS and sees the insert move with your body, allowing it to sit in one place to follow your movements, reduce friction and increase comfort. For the OFFROAD XC bib shorts, the position and the added thickness at the rear of the insert have been scrupulously optimized to suit the more upright riding position.
Type.429 Titanio: A unique textile, engineered with expertise that uses a 4-way stretch to maximize the elasticity of the fabric.
dyneRope tex: Full side panels consist of ASSOS dyneRope textile, a close-fitted woven fabric with ripstop weaving in black polyethylene. The world’s strongest fiber, 15 times stronger than steel. Lightweight and cut resistant. This material has been placed eternally where the riders’ legs are more exposed to the risk of abrasion.
aeroPatterningFenomeno1 design: Drawing on everything ASSOS learned from the project to create the fastest skinsuit for the London 2012 Olympics, this technical design is instantly noticeable when you put on the short. Crafted with a patent-pending single seam that sits on the rear of your legs, this means the main fabric of the short wraps around your thighs to give you a unique level of comfort and compression. 
Y7 frame carrier bibTech: Another noticeable difference can be found on the bibs themselves. Cut from wider elastic, they sit with less pressure on your shoulders. The design meets two objectives: less friction and more comfort. 
ASSOS goldenGate technology: within the insert interrupts the sewing in the area between the legs to create three-dimensional freedom of movement in the most sensitive area. This design has fewer seams, which results in reduced friction. This is a patent-protected feature that is central to the S7 generation of shorts. 
ASSOS waffle: introduced on the S5 and has been further perfected for S7. Instead of using a monolithic linear foam as the middle layer, S7 is equipped with a perforated foam resulting in a reduction in weight and increased breathability. 
Dual bibStabilizer: An invaluable feature on the bib straps to provide stability while pushing hard, now in a dual design for off-road peace of mind. They also serve as a holder for Zegho sunglasses. 
odorControl: the bib shorts are treated with an anti-bacterial treatment.
MTB-specific leg grippers: perfect combination of with sufficient compression and compliancy to push through the terrain. 
OFFROAD XC RACING LINE: ASSOS understand that the fit of your apparel is key to its performance. Engineered to perform under the most extreme conditions—such as competition or high performance riding— a tighter and slightly more compressive fit is provided. This will feel like a second skin while riding, although it is likely to feel restrictive when not in the riding position. Consequently, it results in a higher performance, improved comfort and less drag.