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ASSOS Women's Summer LS Skin Layer

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ASSOS Women's Summer LS Skin Layer

Availability: Spring 2022 >now in stock

With its ultralight, seamless construction and full-length sleeves, the ASSOS Women’s Summer LS Skin Layer provides added coverage and UV protection in warm, sunny conditions.

Provides added coverage and UV protection in summer, without the bulk. With its refined construction and better-performing fiber blend, the LS Skin Layer is roughly 35% lighter than its Skinfoil predecessor. Aside from shedding a third of the weight of an already lightweight layer, this breathable, antibacterial LS first layer is engineered to keep you cool, protected, and dry from the base up.

A new blend of carbon and polypropylene yarns have been strategically arranged to manage moisture, resulting in a breathable, antibacterial long-sleeved first layer that keeps you cool and dry.

The Circular Seamless construction introduces a tubular knit that’s free of side seams, creating an ultrasoft, frictionless feel against the body, while the raglan-cut sleeves promote a full range of motion beneath additional layers.