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ASSOS winterBootie_S7

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ASSOS winterBootie_S7

April 2019: ASSOS end of production sale item
New version of this item available: ASSOS bootie Winter

The ASSOS winterBootie_S7 is a perfect overshoe for your early winter and Spring/Fall rides. Recommended for 0C to +8C. Provides airBlock protection and protection from road spray and drizzle.

All the s7 booties are built with low volume and light weight in mind, providing a snug, racingCut fit. Knowing this, please exercise care when putting them on. S7 booties are beautifully crafted, full of details to provide you with a worry-free, totally comfortable winter ride in style, perfectly matching your entire ASSOS outfit.

ASSOS helps you "Suffer in Comfort".  HAVE A GOOD RIDE

Sizes: O, I, II

Size guide:
0 = 36-39 | USA-CDN 4.5-6.5
I = 40-43 | USA-CDN 7.0-9.5
II = 44-47 | USA-CDN 10-12