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ASSOS Winter Robo Foil

Size: I

ASSOS Winter Robo Foil

Availability: arriving Autumn 2021 >now in stock

A streamlined, under-the-helmet cap for cold, demanding winter conditions, blending an insulating knit structure with smooth seamless construction.

To complete the head-to-toe winter riding outfit system, ASSOS created the Winter Robo Foil with a slightly thicker knit than the Spring Fall version, boosting insulation and blocking icy air.

A winter-tuned blend of polypropylene and elastane is used to draw moisture away from your skin, keeping your head insulated and dry. Like the other accessories in the ASSOS Skin Layer family, this is constructed with ASSOS Circular Seamless technology, free of side seams for a comfortable feel against your head.  #sufferincomfort #theygoinsidewestayoutside #equipmentnotclothing 

Color: blackSeries
sizes: I, II (this item manufactured in only two sizes)
size guide for this item only:
54cm>58cm = size I
59cm>63cm = size II

Circular Seamless: A tubular knit technology that’s free of side seams, creating an ultrasoft, comfortable feel against the head.