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ASSOS Winter Gloves

Size: XLG

ASSOS Winter Gloves

ASSOS Winter Gloves provide thermal insulation, wind block protection and full-finger coverage for colder weather riding. #equipmentnotclothing  #sufferincomfort 

The sequel to the much-loved ASSOS Early Winter Gloves, the new ASSOS Winter Gloves iteration provide low volume thermal insulation and extended full-finger coverage to your colder weather rides.

ASSOS windBlock textile is used on the back, a hydrophilic insulating softshell that contours to your hand to deliver high levels of protection against wet weather and icy air. Your digits remain toasty regardless of what's happening with the weather on the opposing side. These gloves now feature extended cuffs that create a further barrier at the critical jacket-to-glove intersection, targeted palm padding and color-coded blue seams for ASSOS climaCode identification.

These are the "GO TO" gloves for hand protection during the colder days of late Fall and early Spring in Canada. Temperature range guide +6C to +15C
ASSOS CLIMACODE 3.3 WINTER - color code blue

Colors: blackSeries
Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG

windBlock: Hydrophilic softshell material, designed to retain warmth and provide great breathability.
Microfiber Palm: A lightweight, soft material that promotes grip, while also supporting and protecting the hand.
Palm Padding: Strategically positioned pads flex with hand to eliminate hot spots and bunching.
Anatomic Cut: "No wrinkle" construction creates a 3D curved structure, made possible using two separate textiles and four panels.