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ASSOS Winter Cap

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ASSOS Winter Cap

Keep your head warm on the typical Canadian spring/fall colder days of April and October as well as cold winter rides. This essential item, with a performance-focused combination of fabrics, is ready to battle the chill.

When it comes to dressing for cold rides we know that the difference is in the details. That is why ASSOS re-engineered the ASSOS Winter Cap to create a piece that will unquestionably keep your head warm on the chilliest of days. At the core of this piece we employed a specific weave of synthetic and natural yarns to give it opulent comfort and performance. The natural yarn within the LanaProppy textile weave gives this piece protection against the wind and the synthetic polypropylene fibers grant this piece a serious sweat-busting performance.

For added protection ASSOS strategically double-layered the fabric in key areas for the optimal protection without unnecessary bulk. A new cut means that this piece is ready to sit under any helmet. ASSOS utilized RX Medium, a thermal textile on the ears and rear of this cap, equipping it for any cold weather ride. ASSOS CLIMACODE 3.3 WINTER - color code blue

Color: blackSeries only
Sizes: O, I, II
Size Guide:
O = 48-53cm / 19-21"
I = 53-58cm / 21-23"
II = 58-63cm / 23-25"

LanaProppy: Main textile, merino-polypropylene blend with moisture management performance. As well as being incredibly soft on the skin, polypropylene has a supreme push-pull effect while merino works as a wind barrier when wet.
Push-pull: Engineered to react to your intensity of sweating and the subsequent cooling effect with what we call a push-pull effect that works as your personal micro-climate, essentially pushing moisture to the next or outer layer to cool you down when hot, or pulling it back as insulation when cold.
RX Medium: A panel of our proprietary mid-level soft-shell has been deployed at the rear to further fine-tune the performance.